the story of kassagerd reykjavikur the story of kassagerd reykjavikur the story of kassagerd reykjavikur

The establishment of the company
Kassagerð Reykjavíkur is the oldest packaging company in Iceland, founded in 1932. In the early years Kassagerð Reykjavíkur was based at the Ellingsen sheds opposite the Eimskip company where the stone pavement was used to produce wooden boxes, mainly under fish products, margarine, biscuits and condensed milk.
Kassagerð Reykjavíkur moves
In 1935, Kassagerð Reykjavíkur moved to its own premises at the corner of Vitastígur and Skúlagata, but at the same time purchased wooden box machines from Canada as the production grew every year. At this time, most of the raw material under the wooden boxes was imported from Canada.
New machines purchased
Sudden changes were made to the production when the company stopped manufacturing wooden boxes for frozen fish and cardboard packaging used in its place, but in 1942 new machines were purchased. These machines were used for over 30 years, or until 1974 when they were replaced with new machines increased productions by six times. The new machines printed in three colours onto the corrugated boxes.
Printed packaging started
In connection with the printing on packaging in 1954, Kassagerð Reykjavíkur came up early with a complete print shop after the purchase of new equipment, and the production increased substantially thereafter and lasted for a long time in any kind of printing production, e.g. calendars, note books and bookkeeping books. Kassagerð Reykjavíkur merged with a small company called Askja and then began production of carton boxes under fast-frozen fish. A few years later machine line was purchased for the carton department, which could print in one run in six colours and also cuts out the shape of a carton. The engine ran up to 125 meters per minute, but it was only used for frozen fish that was exported.
Production partition
During the boom years, by far the largest part of the production value of Kassagerð Reykjavíkur was in corrugated boxes, or about 60%, and then the carton section with around 27%.
Merged with the compition
On January 1, 2001, Kassagerð Reykjavíkur and Umbúðamiðstöðin merged under the name of Kassagerðin hf. The purpose of the merger was to strengthen the companies and make them better equipped to meet increased international competition. Approximately 20% of Umbúðamiðstöðins production went to foreign markets, and the aim was to increase exports, especially to the United States. The printing of packaging abroad was inferior to that in Iceland and here people were able to process orders with shorter lead time.
Oddi acquires Kassagerð Reykjavíkur
In the fall of 2008, Kassagerð Reykjavíkur was purchased by the printing company Oddi.